Archives for November 11, 2011


Caroline Cassandra Tate

Doesn’t know about paying bills

Or about the cost of real estate.

She wants to move to Beverly Hills.

She’d like a maid and a swimming pool,

A pony, a mansion, a Jaguar.

Caro thinks that it would be cool

To live the life of a movie star.

Well, to Grandy, it wasn’t funny.

(She hates to see a bubble burst.)

She said, “Well, Honey, save your money

And finish kindergarten first.”


When I sneezed, “ACHOO!”,

Tess said, “God bless YOU!”

Then I sneezed and sneezed again.

She blessed, I sneezed.

She blessed, I sneezed.

She stared at me and then

She said,  “I’m going to go and play.

I can’t keep blessing YOU all day!”