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My book report was on “Moby Dick”,

A very exciting tale

Of Captain Ahab and his crew

And their search for the great white whale.

     When Moby Dick bit the boat in half ,

      Some of the boys had a nervous laugh.

      But I guess

      The girls thought he would chew the crew up.

      Abby cried, “OH OH OH NO!”

     And Pammie threw up.


Jill had a gymnast for a sitter

Who could do amazing tricks.

She had baby sat for Jillian

Since Jillian was six

But once an older sitter came

When Mom went on a trip

And Jill was disappointed

That she couldn’t do a flip.

“She couldn’t even do a BACK FLIP, Mom!

Don’t call HER again.”


“Gobble, gobble, gobble,”

Was all I had to say

When I was the turkey

In the school Thanksgiving play.

The Pilgrims and the Indians

Chased and overtook me

And, though I gobbled very loud,

In Act 11, they cooked me.

THE MODEL KIT (with 100 pieces)

Thank you for helping  me build the plane.

It seemd an impossible task.

You just came along and helped with it

Without my having to ask.

It’s standing now in a special place

Upon my bedroom shelf.

Somehow you just knew it…

That I just couldn’t do it


You are a very good grandfather.


Just turn the log a little.
I love the company.
Somebody heat the coffee.
Somebody dance with me.


Jack fell  off the Johnson’s wall

And landed on a boulder.

He landed with sufficient force

To dislocate his shoulder.



When I go to play at Zack’s,

His mother always gives us snacks.

He likes to fool around and joke

And then I have to laugh and choke.

I’m really glad that Mrs. Hoover

Can do that Heimlich guy’s maneuver.


When her tooth fell out of the pillow case,

It was a surprise to Sunny.

The fairy must have dropped the tooth

When she left the money.


Grandy’s neighbor had a date.

She did n’t stay out very late.

She said the man was full of flattery

But he needed a new battery.


Duff and I kept arguing

Til Mom put down her broom

And, with her hands upon her hips,

Sent each one to his room.

We sat there is our doorways

Rolling trucks to one another

And, with real comraderie,

Complained about our mother.