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Growing up with The Grandies

Growing up with The Grandies The first present a child finds should be a book on the pillow. Little Connor Patrick hasn’t seen his yet, but what good taste his parents have!

Growing up with The Grandies


Mom’s friends have really unusual names.

Judy Nextdoor is neat.

Then there’s Judy Debbiessister

And Judy Acrossthestreet.


Caroline Cassandra Tate

Doesn’t know about paying bills

Or about the cost of real estate.

She wants to move to Beverly Hills.

She’d like a maid and a swimming pool,

A pony, a mansion, a Jaguar.

Caro thinks that it would be cool

To live the life of a movie star.

Well, to Grandy, it wasn’t funny.

(She hates to see a bubble burst.)

She said, “Well, Honey, save your money

And finish kindergarten first.”


When I sneezed, “ACHOO!”,

Tess said, “God bless YOU!”

Then I sneezed and sneezed again.

She blessed, I sneezed.

She blessed, I sneezed.

She stared at me and then

She said,  “I’m going to go and play.

I can’t keep blessing YOU all day!”


Jackson Boyd got so annoyed

When his parents wouldn’t agree with him

About the choice of the baby’s name.

(They named him “James” and

They’ll call him “Jim”).

Jack had made it very plain

That his brother’s name should be “Bruce Wayne”

Or “”Clark Kent.”


Herr Hinkel asked, “Sprechen Sie Deutsch?”

And he gave me a big wink so

I knew he wouldn’t be upset

When I said, “I don’t think so.”


Mark made potholders to sell

And to make his business thrive,

He sold one for fifteen cents

Or two for thirty-five.


They were playing make-believe

But they didn’t get along.

Kerry, the good fairy, said

That  Nate was always wrong

And that he couldn’t be the king.

When he wanted to know why,

She hit him with her magic wand

And gave him a black eye.

He told his friends he got the shiner

Playing ball behind the diner.


Nick’s great- grandmother is neat.

She always has  great things to eat.

She keeps a lot on her pantry shelf

And  Nick knows he can help himself.

She calls him her “Super Snacker”

And he calls her his “Gram Cracker.”

The Classy Girl

I see Cabot Colliins

When she visits at the Blakes’.

She’s not afraid of Jeremy

And she’s not afraid of snakes.

He put one in her backpack

While Matthew stood and  cheered.

Cabot calmly shook her head

And said, “You guys are weird.”