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She parties

I had just  entered  my car in a Glastonbury parking lot when the door to I Party opened.  Out stepped a woman, obviously in her 90’s or so, wearing a longish, pretty summer dress.  She  walked very carefuly as though unsure of her footing.  She was carrying two balloons.   The breeze moved the balloons gently and her long skirt fluttered.  The I Party sign was right behind her. It took my breath away.  She tucked the balloons into her back seat and drove off.  It was just one of those very special unforgettable moments in time.  What an ad for I Party!!!


Isham is Josh and Amy Koons’ son from Athens, GA.  Dinner had been served and the table cleared for the desserts.  Among the delights were Great Aunt Sue’s famous cheesecake with a bowl of blueberry topping on the side.  Isham (3 years old) observed the display with interest.  Uncle Scott asked Isham what was on the table for dessert.

Isham promptly replied, “Blue soup.”

I have tried endlessly to write a verse that does justice to the phrase but nothing works thus far.   Some day I may just name a whole collection of perfectly logical observations made by children BLUE SOUP.  I  love it (and the cheesecake, too!)


Funny, sunny place
Three inches of rain this morning
Now, not a trace
Soaed up by the thirsty earth
The lush vegetation
The plush relaxation
The sunburned face
Oh, happy place!

Manchester Patch Article

The today has a nice article about the book.

I’d love to hear from you about the article, and especially about the book!

Of course you don’t have to wait until July 26th to order the book right here from

For anyone who isn’t familiar with, it is an online news website for local news. If you like the Manchester Patch, you can log in and submit your own news to Editor David Moran, who is a very nice young man. Thank you, David for your interview and your thoughtful article in Manchester patch.


Have you ever escaped to Nantucket Isle
Thirty miles at sea?
It’s not too far–just a little while
To find tranquility.
A lovely place with its pilgrim face
Peeling from the sun
A peculiar ind of appealing grace
Beyond comparison.
Not every head is asleep in bed
When the midnight bell is ringing
for it’s not too far to a little bar
Where a quiet man is singing.


Our baby cousin’s Kelly Hatch.
No kid is as cute as Kelly
But she chews on chives in the onion patch
And she smells like the corner deli.

Fun with Granities

Bowers School Readings

On June 17, I visited Pat Ware’s 2nd grade class and Melissa Emmerich’s 5th grade class at Bowers School in Manchester.  Reading from The Grandies naturally evolved into a discussion of writing rhymes and the fun and fulfillment of putting pen to paper.  It was a wonderful morning of interaction with children who were interesting and interested, charming and welcoming as were Mrs. Ware and Miss Emmerich.  I have since received letters and original verses from some of the children and will treasure them  forever.