Archives for June 29, 2011

Moonie Bags

Mother would always wave a dollar bill at each full moon, expecting that it would make her rich or,  at least, bring her some sort of windfall. It didn’t work.

At each full moon a dollar wave. (you can write the next line)With thirteen full moons in a year, if one deposits the bill (after waving) into a money bag (or mooniebag), he/she would have $13 at year’s end.  There are still six full moons to go in 2011:  July 15, August  13, September 12,  October 2, November 10 and December 10.   At least, you’ll have $6 in your mooniebag to start 2012.  I encourage you to go out and wave your dollar and then save it.

“Blue Moons” happen every 33 months. The next one is in August 2012. Imagine how much you can save by then!

Who knows? Perhaps you will be the lucky one who gets rich, too.  I don’t know if it would help to howl at the same time.  I don’t remember Mother howling.

This is a wonderful grandparent-grandchild endeavor, something fun to do and save a little money at the same time.