Archives for October 2011


When we need a sitter,

We hope it’s Uncle Ted

Because he doesn’t make up rules

Or make us go to bed.

We make believe we’ re rock stars

And play the music loud

And we jump around and holler

Like the teeny bopper crowd

But the last time….

Mom came home at midnight

And we STILL were  not in bed

And Uncle Ted was dancing

With a lampshade on his head

So Mom says…
“No more Uncle Ted.

It’s Grandma Mary Lou instead.”


They said that I could

But that I just wouldn’t.

I knew that I would

But that I just couldn’t.

Grandy said that I

Probably shouldn’t

So  I didn’t.




The Tucker twins did jumping jacks

And exercised for fun.

The Burton boys, while watching them,

Were not to be outdone.

They leaped out of their apple tree

And, landing on their feet,

They did a couple of jumping jacks

AND cartwheeled down the street.

Another neighbor kid named Fred

Stayed in his yard and stood on his head.


Maxine Tyler likes to boast

That once she really saw a ghost.

Since that night was Hallowe’en,

We all knew it was Jeffrey Green.

He couldn’t wait to scare Maxine.