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Our baby cousin’s Kelly Hatch.

No kid is as cute as Kelly

But she chews on chives in the onion patch

And she smells like the corner deli.


When Daisy Clark moved to Center Park,

Mike was the first to greet her.

He rode his  tricycle next door

And rushed right up to meet her.

Daisy smiled and acted sweet

But then the ten-speed bikes

Came driving up the driveway

And parked right next to Mike’s.

Mike got on his tricycle

And went home to his toys.

He said, “She really liked me

‘Til she met the other boys.”


When Alec visited Aunt Ruth,

He broke a vase and hid it.

Although he should have told the truth,

He said, “The butler did it.”

Aunt Ruth doesn’t even have a butler.



Grandy tried so hard to get

The car seat hooked up tight.

She mumbled and she grumbled

But she couldn’t get it right.

My little cousin rolled his eyes

And grinned as Grandy blew it.

He then announced, to her surprise,

“Don’t worry.  I can do it.”


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I was out in a boat with Grandad Blake

Late last Sunday at the lake.

He took me out to grant my wish

And show me how to catch a fish.

It was a chance to ask about

Bass and perch and speckled trout

And if we caught one, could we cook it

If we were smart enough to hook it?

And I used all kinds of fishing terms

Like “rods” and “reels” and “lures” and “worms”.

He said if I wanted to get my wish,

That I should just shut up and fish.

He was grinning when he said it

But it didn”t take me long to get it.